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People make purchases based upon the recommendations of people they know, like, and trust. I know my audience, know what products or services they'd be interested in, and know how to reach them without being pushy.

My name is Cody Buffinton and I am a social media travel influencer who lives to explore beautiful places around the world that few have been to, while chasing high-action adventure and creating epic cinematic content. With a background degree in the traditional film industry, I know how to craft a compelling story that will be relatable to a social media audience. By weaving in a brand’s objectives with entertaining action and cinematic flair, I have proven that I know how to captivate a viewer's attention and have amassed over 26 million total views on my YouTube channel.

Because of my high-quality filmmaking skills and relatable personality, I have worked for some of the world's most established brands and am hosting two online travel TV shows. I welcome the opportunity to create beautiful content for your brand and showcase it to my audience across the globe.

Brands I Have Worked With:

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Audience Demographics

Age Ranges:

18-24 : 30%
25-34 : 32%
35-44 : 17%


Male : 70%
Female : 30%


USA : 39%
UK : 7%
Canada : 4%